Software Development

Primal Media makes more than just websites, we write web based software solutions using the newest technologies.

Web based applications can save your business time and money. By keeping all your information centralised you can get live updates via the web or company intranet.

Why web applications work:

  • Easy deployment across all operating systems.
  • Can work across a secure internet service from any computer on the internet.
  • A centralised system, easy to change prices for all your branches at once.
  • No need to install the application on every computer.
  • No running from store to store to complete upgrades to the system.
  • Can run on any web server that has PHP 5.x with mySql. (LAMP)
  • Costs less to maintain and less in system administrator fees.
  • Runs on mobile devices.

Primal Media has the knowledge to work with you to design develop and implement large scale or small custom web applications to run on a secure internet sever or your local intranet. These solutions could be as small as a customer list or nightly sales reports figures entered directly into head offices database so they can have LIVE figures to project sales for the next day.


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