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Connect to the internet of things

Seamlessly Connect Your Software Universe - Primal Media Limited makes integration a breeze, ensuring your software packages work harmoniously for optimal efficiency and productivity.

At Primal Media Limited, we leverage our expertise in web-based software applications to seamlessly connect your software systems, automating previously manual processes. This empowers your staff to focus on more critical tasks, streamlining operations and maximizing productivity.

  • Primal Media excels in seamless integration, linking one software platform to another for efficient and cohesive operations.
  • We can harness our dedicated compute resources to consistently deliver exceptional results, regardless of the workload. Our infrastructure ensures high performance and reliability for all your projects.
  • Primal Media has a proven track record of helping numerous small businesses achieve success through our expert guidance and tailored solutions.

If you need to connect one thing with another... Primal Media Limited is your best choice.

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Automate Incoming Orders

We can develop automation for your incoming orders, saving you valuable time and effort by eliminating the need for manual order entry.

Creating Custom REST APIs

Primal Media specializes in crafting custom APIs tailored to meet our customers' unique needs.

Parsing incoming emails

Primal Media excels at parsing data files from emails, making information extraction a breeze. Pair this with our email service.

EDI and eInvoicing

Primal Media seamlessly processes EDI emails or webhooks and channels them into a workflow for efficient e-invoicing.

Catching and Sending Webhooks

We have the capability to capture and transmit webhooks to any destination as needed.

Creating processess

At Primal Media, we specialize in crafting unique, tailored processes designed to precisely meet your specific requirements.