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Simplify the management of groups or teams effortlessly.

Primal Media introduces a software-as-a-service product for seamless member attendance management at events.

The challenge in team management often lies in the extensive communication needed. Primal Media's team management software offers an automated solution, empowering teams to 'self-manage' attendance. It features an intuitive web interface compatible with most modern devices and web browsers.

  • Facilitating effortless attendance management for teams of any size, Primal Media introduces a groundbreaking online service.
  • The software, designed to be lightweight, offers compatibility across a spectrum of modern browsers, ensuring accessibility whether on a computer or mobile device.
  • Boasting an exceptional user interface, the system is remarkably easy to use and manage, catering to the needs of both novices and seasoned users with its intuitive design.

If you need to manage a team... Primal Media Limited is your best choice.


Packed full of features

Efficiently handle game and training schedules.

Swiftly schedule training or events, allowing team members to indicate their availability through the user-friendly interface.

Managing training events often involves hours on the phone. Team Manager simplifies it—just list your event, and the software takes over. Set automated reminder emails, target specific groups, or notify everyone in your organization effortlessly.

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Screenshot of one the demo app that shows the schedules screen.

Users can self manage attendance

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Automated reminder schedules

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Works with most calender software

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Works on your own domain

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Built-in software integrations for seamless functionality

Initiate webhooks to activate a range of actions.

Primal Media's Team Manager simplifies integration with other software through Webhooks. These can be triggered for various actions on the website. Many users connect them to their site calendars for real-time updates on new or edited events. Some leverage them to prompt updates based on attendance, showcasing limitless possibilities limited only by your imagination.

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